Redback Smart Hybrid System

SA Home Battery Scheme – available for installation from Jan 1 2019 – order yours now!


The Redback Smart Hybrid System is an Australian-designed, all-in-one inverter and battery storage system that enables you to maximise the benefits from your self-generated solar power. The Redback solution combines state-of-the-art technology with affordability. The system is designed for easy installation and is robust and durable which is ideal for the Australian environment. Redback Technologies is headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland and is heavily committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

The Redback Smart Hybrid System come with an intuitive portal and app that allows you to monitor your solar power production. See at any time how much energy your Solar PV system is generating, the energy you have stored in your battery and your homes current energy production.  The Redback all-in-one system also offers modular battery sizing options, allowing you to expand battery storage to suit your individual household needs.

The Redback Smart Hybrid System provides a number of unique benefits

-Stay in control with the Redback portal and app which allows you to monitor your storage levels easily

-Enjoy peace of mind with an uninterrupted power supply, designed to withstand the worst weather conditions

-The hybrid functionality means you can choose to save energy for your own personal use, or simply sell it back to the grid

-Never be left in the dark again, with the Redback backup power feature which targets key appliances when the unexpected occurs

-Eye catching and robust design that looks great no matter where it is installed

-The system is designed for Australia conditions and can be installed in most outdoor situations which leaves more space in your garage or home

Redback Smart Hybrid System product specifications:

Mounting:  System can be installed either indoors or outside and does not require an additional enclosure

Inverter Output: 5kW

Integrated back-up circuit: up to 20Amps

Battery capacity: modular from 4.6kWh up to 13.2kWh (depending on battery type)

Optional: Directly control up to two electric circuits in your home with the integrated relais.

Redback system warranty (excl. batteries): 5 years

Battery Product Warranty: from 5 years (depending on battery type and manufacturer)

Usable Capacity: 5kWh – 13kWh

Max. Battery Efficiency: 98%

Warranty (Years): 5



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