Sonnen Home Battery


NRG Solar is proud to be named a Certified Sonnen Premium Partner which enables us to supply one of Europe’s best selling all in one solar battery systems. The sonnenBatterie utilises intelligent energy management software that stores your excess cheap power produced during the day to use at night when the tariff rates increase. You harvest your own renewable energy and save hundreds in electricity bills.

The sonnenBatterie comes in a number storage capacities that can be tailored to your energy needs and is expandable in blocks of 2kWh. You can simply add additional storage as your demand increases.

It combines stylish and sleek design with German quality and has been installed in over 30,000 households in Europe. It can be mounted on the wall indoors or outdoors.

The sonnenBatterie can provide a number of benefits

– Complete storage system with everything included and ready for connection

– The storage system is scalable ranging from 5kWh to 15kWh depending on the household’s energy needs

– Intelligent management system optimises daily household power usage

– Mobile monitoring is provided via the sonnenApp and web portal

– The phase one system provides emergency power during outages and black out

– Provides both a 10 year and 10,000 cycle warranty which provides you more guaranteed protection


sonnenBatterie product specifications:

Mounting: Wall Mounted, Indoor/Outdoor. Outdoor installations will require an outdoor enclosure

Usable Capacity: 5kWh – 16kWh

Max. Battery Efficiency: 98%

Warranty (Years): 10

Warranty (Cycles): 10,000

Warranty: 10 years


For More information please find the PDF:

Sunpower Data Sheet



SunPower Data Sheet

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