Lead vs Lithium – which battery storage system is better?

We are often asked about the difference in Lithium and Lead batteries and can spend all day discussing the various benefits / problems with each. When it comes down to it they are both good, but whether you choose Lithium or Lead (or some other chemistry) depends on your project. A typical Australian home uses around 20kWh of power each day and...

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SA’s new challenges as the State goes Solar

Remember the days when it seemed every time the temperature reached over 35 degrees we had a blackout? The grid simply couldn’t handle the massive draw of power to cool down our State’s homes and businesses. That’s rarely the case these days. With one in four homes having rooftop solar, South Australia is well and truly capable of powerin...

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How do I change my Fronius wifi password

Sometimes when you update the software on your Fronius inverter or change your wifi password at your home or business your inverter loses connection to your router. To fix this you may need to change your Fronius wifi password You will need a wifi enabled smartphone or tablet to do this. Download or view this document for...

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