How much about solar did you know before you came to NRG?

I knew a little bit about solar before coming to NRG as I already had an existing 1.8kW system installed.

High Feed-In tariff Vs. Small Solar system

My Feed in Tarif was about 52 cents, so it was a great rate! However, the size of the system was too small to cover my power consumption, even though I was getting great rates. I opted to increase my system size at the expense of loosing my feed-in tariff as this was the far more economical option.

What was the main motivator for going solar?

Financial reasons were the main motivation for installing solar. Up in Bridgewater all my water is powered by pumps so I wanted to get a 13kw system to off set an electrical costs caused by the electrical consumption of these pumps.

Solar Monitoring?

I love the ability to monitor my power consumption, it has really changed the way I use my power. I now put as many appliances as I can on during the day to really utilise my solar!

Were there any challenges that came up?

No issues, the install process was very smooth. We were kept informed of everything during the purchasing process and the installation was quick and easy.

Why did you choose NRG?

I came to NRG through word of mouth, I had a few friends that had NRG system installed so I thought I would give it a go. After the sales appointment with Darren I was sold, everything he was suggesting I agreed with and he gave us a competitive price.

Quick and easy. Great products.