How much about solar did you know before you came to NRG?

This was actually my fourth solar installation! So I have had a large amount of experience dealing with solar. Every property that I have owned I have put solar on, because it just makes sense. So I knew a large amount about the industry, however I was looking for a reputable company to complete my install.

So why didn’t you go with the solar companies from your previous installations?

This installation was a little complicated, it was a new build and there were a few tricky aspects to the design, the first solar company I called just flat out said no, so I went searching around for another. I chose NRG through Fynn Peacock, I read his book and saw that NRG was a reputable solar company so I gave you guys a call to see if you could do the install.

How did NRG do?

Fantastic, there were a number of issues that come along with this install that NRG handled incredibly well. There were changes to plans that caused re designs for NRG, delays with the builders that pushed out install times for up to 3-4 months and NRG were very accommodating.

The sit down with Michael and the design process was fantastic. Michael was very informative, he used the plans we had for the house to design an appropriate system as well as asking us questions about what we were trying to achieve with our solar installation.

What was the main motivator for going solar? Did you believe that reason has been met?

The main motivation for the solar installation was to future proof myself from raising electricity prices. I am coming up close to retirement and wanted to ensure that I was financially secure.

What are the savings looking like?

Well the installation was anew build so, I have never paid a power bill for this house!

How was the after sales support?

The after sales support was amazing. I had an issue with one of my other properties that had solar installed and NRG came out and helped my set up my solar monitoring for my Fronius inverter. Getting after sales support for a system that was not installed by NRG, fantastic!

Communication was contstant, install was smooth. I would recommend NRG Solar, in fact I have recommended NRG Solar to a number of friends.