The Tesla mobile App? Tell me more…


The Tesla App is fantastic! I can see where all of my power is going, what is being used, what is charging and how full of charge everything is! In real time! I can see how much charge my Tesla Powerwall has and if I have enough power stored to charge up my Tesla Car.

One of my favorite features about the app is the ability to generate power consumption graphs. By physically being able to see when my power is spiking and knowing what appliances are causing this has made me much more mindful of my power behavior.

Now what we are here for – The savings & environmental impact!


I initially came to NRG in order to help reduce my power bill, after conducting some research about solar and its effectiveness I knew I had to get it installed straight away! NRG has predicted that with my 15.5kW solar system I should be able to save over $7,000 a year on electricity. That’s a return on investment time frame of 2.5 years. 


The environmental impact is just as phenomenal. It is estimated that I can reduce my CO2 output by over 13,500kg each year.

So we have heard about the performance of the solar system, now how about the performance of NRG?


The NRG process was streamline from start to finish, it was such an easy procedure. Eddy always looked after me and ensured that I was kept in the loop of everything that was going on throughout the installation. I very much appreciated the communication.

This also extended to the Solar Consultant Darren and to the electrician and installers who always left the worksite cleaner then when they found it.

Through this solar installation and the Tesla App, I have been able to take control of my power usage and behavior. I am now incredibly mindful of my power usage and this is something I am committed to.