Why Solar?

Kym had always been considering solar and with a recent move into a new house he thought it is a great time to do it. Kym wanted to install solar to gain financial security of ever rising power bills and to assist in the powering of his air conditioning and the heating of his swimming pool.

Kym also wanted to get into renewable energy from an environmental perspective as well. 6 months after his installation, Kym was able to do some analysis of his energy usage and his solar output and decided it would be worth doing some investigation into some battery storage.

What we recommended and why:

Our solar consultant Dean did some analysis of John’s energy consumption, how much output his Solar System is producing and how much power he is exporting to the grid. Dean determined that Kym was exporting a substantial amount of energy from his Solar System and then buying it back at a higher price to use at night.

The solution was a Tesla Powerwall 2.0, by installing this Kym will be able to capture that excess power from his solar system and increase his energy self sufficiency.

Installation process went without a hick-up!