The Customer:

The Polgreen’s live in Coromandel Valley SA. They have a young growing family and their home is all electric. Reverse cycle split system air conditioners provide convenient cooling & heating but their electricity bills were continuing to climb.

The solar process:

Solar electricity systems by the very nature of how they work will always outperform in summer than winter. Designing a system to meet the customers annual consumption meant summer production would always exceed winter. Surplus production in summer goes to the grid and gets credited to the client as a “feed in tariff” helping to offset those higher winter power bills when the solar system has lower output.

The system:

After looking at the roof orientation and the Polgreen’s energy consumption it was determined that a 5.4kW Solar System with 20 Jinko panels and a Fronius Primo inverter would be perfectly suited for their energy needs.

The whole process was really well handled. From my initial inquiry right through to the installation I was extremely satisfied. Your consultant Michael provided a comprehensive analysis of our property taking into account the available roof space, shading issues and our budget. He then set about designing a system to best meet this criteria.
The installation was completed on time and even the replacement electricity meter was installed within a week allowing us to enjoy the savings benefit from our new solar system almost immediately. Your installers were friendly & helpful and cleaned up nicely on completion of the job.
I’m a happy NRG customer and would gladly recommend your services to any prospective client.