What were the main motivations for your solar installation?


At our old property we had over 1000 square meters of land, a pool and a big house to heat so we knew we needed solar to help support supplying power to our property. Even with solar, our quarterly bills came to about $600 a quarter, so from a financial stand point solar was a necessity!

Once we moved into the city, we knew we had to have solar installed again, because we knew how effective it is!

Other than financial benefits, were the any other motivations for solar?


Absolutely! The sustainability and environmental factors were also huge influences. By using solar power we are able to create our own, free, clean energy. We do not add to the ever growing demand from the grid so we do our part to help reduce the cause of blackouts.

So you have had your solar installed, how are things looking?


Pretty good! Our quarterly bill from spring to summer went from $1300 down to just over $3. Our most recently bill was -$27 we ended up with a credit!  

So the solar is performing well, how about NRG Solar? What was your customer journey like?


NRG Solar was excellent. The after sales experience was fantastic, emails were sent with instructions on how to properly use the solar monitoring app. We were looking into the viability of battery storage and were pretty set on it, however one of your solar consultants advised against it as it would not have been financially viable, which we highly respect.

We are very happy with our solar panels. The whole system is very efficient. Our summer power bill went from almost $1,300 to $3.59! We are also delighted that we are doing our part to help reduction of emissions. The service we received from the first quote visit to installation to helping us understand and use the system well has been outstanding. The phone app has been invaluable in showing us the best times to use power and helps us keep track of our production and use. Any request for advice has been sound and honest and we are very happy to recommend NRG to anyone looking at solar energy.