An interesting run in with COVID-19

We had been thinking about solar for many years however never decided to go through with getting a quote. We were actually planning on heading away to Europe on an annual trip, however due to the travel restrictions caused by  COVID-19 we were not able to go this year. So we decided to reinvest they money we would have spent travelling and purchase a solar system.

The Savings

This was a fantastic decision! We are already seeing savings. Our first electricity bill has been zeroed out! We were paying over $225 per quarter on electricity and now we received an $18 credit!

How about the system?

The system is fantastic. Our Solar Consultant Steve really knew his stuff. He suggested the use of a Sungrow Premium Inverter, which has been great. Sungrow are a world renowned brand, what I liked about the Sungrow was they are a global company, but have a head office in Sydney. Meaning that if I ever had any technical support questions, I was able to speak directly to a customer service assistant easily. A great product at a competitive price.

The system is fantastic, Its has been installed for a few months and I have already zeroed out my electricity bill. I wish I would have done this years ago!