How much about solar did you know before you came to NRG?

Very little! I had been considering solar for a long time but I didn’t know a whole lot about it. A friend of mine recently had an installation done by NRG, loved it and recommend I give you you a call, even just to ask any questions I had about solar.

What was the main motivator for going solar? Do you believe those needs have been met?

The main motivator for going solar was trying to cut down our bills. They were getting out of control, so we though it was a perfect time!

Were there any challenges that presented themselves and were they overcome?

The full solar process did take a while to take off. We had been thinking about getting solar for a some time, however when we began enquiring we found out that we had to do some renovations to the roof, which took many months. NRG was very good about this though, so once the roof was complete we were ready to go.

How was the NRG experience?

Fantastic, the installers were very efficient, came when they said they would and left the site neat and tidy. Communication was constant through out the whole journey, Amelia kept us up to date with any changes and our initial consultation with Darren was excellent.

Communication was constant, install was smooth. I would recommend NRG Solar, in fact I have recommended NRG Solar to a number of friends.