The Client

The Kuchel’s live on a rural property in South Australia. The property

services a large home, workshed and a number of pumps. The power

is unreliable and expensive. During a recent large bushfire that swept

through the Northern Adelaide Hills, the family set their property up

as a temporary CFS Fire station and allowed access to their water for

firefighting. Power to the property was interrupted a number of

times and as a result, Colin installed large generator so that the

property could continue to have power during a blackout.

The Challenge

Integrating a large solar system with the customer’s backup generator. Plus being

able to monitor consumption with no internet available at the

work shed

Client Comments

These guys are extremely professional. I believe any customer would be happy with their efficiency. What I saw was an organised bunch of staff working very well together. They also know their stuff.

The installation went without a hitch and you guys did a very nice job. Great end result and a credit to all at NRG Solar!

Colin Kuchel