The Journey:

We were always contemplating going solar and in June of 2019 we started to look around for some solar options. We visited a site called Solar Quotes and were suggested to get 3 different quotes from 3 different solar installers, one of which was NRG.

We went with NRG because the personalisation and tailoring options that Tim Dangerfield provided when he came for the first onsite consultation was top notch. He came onsite and assed the size of the building, the shading issues and said he would get back to us with a proposal after he had completed his assessment. We really felt listened to with Tim and he created the exact system that we were looking for and that was perfect for our energy requirements.

Something that stood out to us about the service from Tim was that fact that we were interested in battery storage and thought that this would be a great addition to the solar system. Tim advised us that with this particular system and the power consumption that we use, the battery would not be an effective purchase and would be a waste of money. This really showed the integrity of Tim and NRG.

The actual installation process was over two weeks. The installers were incredibly professional, there were no issues, they installers cleaned up after themselves and left the worksite as they found it, neat and tidy.

The Savings:

The savings have been fantastic, since the installation at the beginning of August we have saved $22,000 in just 9 months!

The environmental impact has been massive, we have been able to reduce our carbon footprint by 48.6 tones. We are also on track with our return on investment payment. We are due to have our return on investment plan paid within two years.

The After Sales Experience:

One of the inverters in the extreme heater shut down, called NRG and someone was out within the hour to fix the issue. That’s the only problem we have had with the system and the service from nick from technical support was easy and simple.