The Journey:

Powercell had always been thinking about solar, at their previous location they had a solar system, however it was an old system with a number of issues and wasn’t generating the correct levels of power. As soon as they moved to their new building they wanted to get a new solar system straight away.

Powercell heard about NRG through a mutual business contact and got one of the directors of the company, Eddy, to come in for a presentation. This consisted of providing some information about the company’s history, how NRG started, some education about how solar works and some information about the solar industry as whole.

During the presentation some examples of previous commercial installations similar to Powercell’s situation were presented, allowing Powercell to get a rough idea of what a finished installation would like look and what the associated savings were with similar jobs.

Eddy gathered some information from Powercell about how much they were looking to spend, an approximate level of their energy consumption and gave them a rough estimate of what he thought the cost of the system would be. A proper quote was then drawn up and to be sent through after completing some deeper analysis.

The Savings:

At our previous location we were paying roughly $3,000 per quarter. On our most recent power bill we received a $882 credit!”

The After Sales Experience:

“The after sales experience has been fantastic. There was an issue with the solar web monitoring about a year after the installation, we got in contact with NRG and their tech support fixed the issue within the hour. Great follow up service by NRG.”

What I really liked about Eddy’s presentation and dealing with NRG as a whole, is that there was no pushing by the company. Eddy was very happy to provide me with all the information and let us make the decision based on the facts alone.