Solar News

Day One – Fronius HQ

Eddy and I were invited to visit Fronius International after they loved our 24 hours of sun video. After touching down and exploring Vienna, Eddy and I were on our way to Linz which is the closet city to the head quarters of Fronius International. We had an amazing dinner with Fronius and a...

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NRG goes Gold thanks to our customers awesome reviews

We are so appreciative of our clients for allowing us to guide them on their solar journey and also for taking the time to share their NRG experience. We are passionate about giving customers peace of mind that their system will be 100% safe, efficient, compliant and returning the very best value for money. Continue Reading

Lead vs Lithium – which battery storage system is better?

We are often asked about the difference in Lithium and Lead batteries and can spend all day discussing the various benefits / problems with each. When it comes down to it they are both good, but whether you choose Lithium or Lead (or some other chemistry) depends on your project. A typical Australian home uses around 20kWh of power each day and...

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