Today is the day! We are off to see the Fronius factories! Today we split into two groups to see the two different departments at Fronius, Research and Development and the Production Factory.

The Research and Development department is the place of the Robust Video. Fronius heavily participates in the Research and Development of their products. They have invested millions of dollars in equipment that simulates the harshness of the real world such as:

  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Durability
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Corrosion
  • UV
  • And much more

Proving once again, that Fronius will continue to be ahead of the solar industry.

Every office in R&D has natural lighting and plants to ensure creativity and productivity. They even have a park inside the building where they have office meetings!

Then we were off to the production facility. We participated in a Fronius Tour around the factory. It is hard to describe, however, I will try by saying that everything is so well planned and thought out. There is so much forward thinking and automation from driverless forklifts and a even self-mowing lawn mower BUT the thing that surprises me the most was seeing all the staff hand make the inverters. Everything was done with so much pride and care – it was incredible! They make one Fronius Solar inverter every 5 minutes!

Then back on the bus and we were on our way to Munich, Germany for the Intersolar Conference! Have a question for a solar supplier? Leave us a comment and I will get the answer for you!