Solar Panel Maintenance Services

National Renewable Group (NRG) provides a number of solar panel services in order to keep your system working safely and efficiently.
Whether you think something has gone wrong, or you just want to ensure you keep reaping the full benefits that solar panel systems have on cutting your electricity bill and carbon footprint, you can trust us to assist.

Right across Australia, NRG is able to provide the following services:


Solar Servicing

One of our experienced and fully-certified technicians will visit your property and complete a full service on your solar panel system, ensuring it continues to operate as best as possible.

Solar Inverter Repairs

NRG specialises in the repair of solar inverters from a large range of brands. Don’t waste your time going back-and-fourth with electricians and manufacturers, NRG will help you get your solar inverter working optimally again.

Panel Removal, Replacement
and Relocation

Sometimes things go wrong with solar panels – if so, NRG is able to expertly remove and replace it. We also can relocate your panels if you find they’re in the shade, you need to perform roof repairs, or for whatever other reason.

Shade Assessment
and Tree Branch Removal

To ensure you get the most out of your solar panel system, it’s important that it is placed in the correct position, away from shade. We can complete an assessment or even remove impeding tree branches so you can save the most possible on your electricity bill.

Upgrades & Extension
to Current System

The world of solar panel systems is always evolving, so if there’s new technology that you want to take advantage of call on NRG to help you upgrade.

Solar Compliance Check

Our compliance checks are designed to make sure your solar panels are up to scratch with new Australian Standards and working as effectively as possible.

To learn more or book any of our services, contact us  by calling 1300 858 160 or filling out our online enquiry form.

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