NRG Solar’s Exclusive Winter Promotion

As a local solar company we genuinely love helping South Aussie’s on their solar journey and want to help as many households as possible access clean, free energy from the sun.

We know it’s cold, dreary and you’re most likely not thinking much about the sun.

However, by installing a tailored solar solution in winter you’ll be getting a head start on your savings and ready to reap the full rewards as the sun comes out in spring.

So we’re offering you a very exclusive deal. Order your solar system now before June 15th and don’t pay a thing until December 1st*.

Whether you are after a new solar system, looking to add battery storage, or wanting to upgrade your existing system, ask us how much you can save with solar.

There are four easy steps to get a head start on your power bill savings…

Step 1.

Call us to arrange a no-obligation quote for a tailored solar solution for your home

Step 2.

Order your system before June 30 2020

Step 3.

Get your system installed

Step 4.

Pay for your system in December 2020