I made a comment on Facebook the other day to which I received some pretty harsh criticism so I thought I would put some facts together to check my view that solar panels are worth putting on a South Facing roof.

Basically, I was just trying to explain that when solar panels were very expensive it was critical to face them as perfectly North and the right tilt to get the best bang for your buck. Nowadays, the panels are more powerful and less expensive and therefore it is less important. Even if they face South might still be worth it.

Here was my Facebook comment


Lets fact check my comments:

“A few more panels on a South facing roof can provide the same annual performance as a perfectly positioned system with a few less panels”.

A popular sized solar panel from 10 years ago was a 190 watt module. Below is a comparison of the performance of 3 systems.


Solar Module Conergy 190 watt Winaico 310 watt Winaico 310 watt
Year  2010 2018 2018
Number of Panels 10 12 10
Facing North @ 22 degree tilt South @ 22 degree tilt North @ 22 degree tilt
Annual Output  2,906 kWh  4,359 kWh 4,761 kWh


There you have it. South facing panels do produce the same (more in a lot of cases) compared with North facing panels of years ago.

So it doesn’t matter what direction your roof is, we can design you a quality solar system and show you its expected performance. Then you can make your own decision from there.


Here is the supporting data for those who have the need for proof!


10 x Conergy 190 watt North facing panels



12 x Winaico 310 watt South facing panels


10 x Winaico 310 watt North facing panels