coastguard.jpgAustralian Volunteer Coast Guard – SAF1 North Haven

The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard is a volunteer organisation that plays an extremely important role in the safety of mariners around our vast Australian coastline, far out to sea, and in many of our inland waterways. Rescues range from assisting sinking vessels, vessels with flat batteries and other mechanical problems, vessels that have run aground and often towing these disabled vessels back to safe harbour.

The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard – SAF1 North Haven was looking to reduce their power consumption to reduce their carbon footprint and ultimately reduce their electricity bill.

The Challenge

The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard – SAF1 North Haven’s club room roof is made of corrugated asbestos. The club room is also located in close proximity to the ocean and experiences tough weather conditions.

SMA-Sunny-Tripower-15000TL-Three-Phase-Inverter-by-Perth-Solar-Warehouse-altThe Solution

  • 40 x Trina Honey 250W panels
  • 10kW SMA Tri Power inverter
  • Commercial grade racking and rails
  • Asbestos roof penetrations and fixings in accordance with all safety and legal regulations.

Cost: $10,000 – $15,000

The Results

“System is performing exceptionally, bills have been significantly reduced. Great service easy to deal with and the savings where much better then originally estimated. The work they did because of the asbestos on the roof was  perfect. When we have finished paying this system off NRG will be installing a second system at the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard.” – Terry Langford Flotilla Commander SAF1